Non-Deal Road Shows

Road shows are designed to introduce our clients to our extensive network of investment professionals, including portfolio and fund managers, analysts, retail brokers, investment advisors, and newsletter writers.  After every meeting we follow up with every investor in order to ensure the meetings were a success, the client’s message was clearly received, and determine what can be done to improve future meetings.  Each road show, whether it is for one day or one week, will consist of at least the following:


  • Identify and develop a list of potential investors from our proprietary database of investors as well as through company specific targeted research.

  • Disseminate company information in combination with meeting invitations.

  • Apply secondary screening process to ensure that potential attendees are appropriately familiar with our clients, including among other things their share price, market capitalization, sector, and exchange listing.

  • Provide clients with detailed road show schedules for one-on-one meetings, including name, company, address, and cross streets and sign-in sheets for group meetings.

  • Coordinate the printing of corporate presentations and other marketing collateral.

  • Manage trip logistics, including liaising with event coordinators, arranging ground transportation, providing flight and hotel recommendations, and arranging audio-visual support.


  • Members of our team are available for travel, which if requested we would greet and introduce investors to management, liaise with event coordinators, and provide tech support with respect to required audio-visual services.

  • Member of our team are not necessary for travel as investors have already heard the "pitch" from us and have accepted a meeting with management in order to learn more. 


  • Provide complete contact information for all meeting attendees, including company, contact, phone, and email.

  • Provide comprehensive feedback from meeting attendees regarding the presentation, management, the company, and the company's opportunities going forward. 

  • Distribute press releases, analyst reports, and other company updates to meeting attendees on an ongoing basis.